Product Care

Candle care

To get the best out of your candle follow these simple tips

Always burn your candle to the edge of the jar before extinguishing. This will prevent tunnelling

Always trim your wick prior to each burn, wick trimmers are the best tool for the job. Trim the wick to 5mm each time. this will prevent a smokey candle and black marks on the jar

Extinguish your candle with the lid, flame snuffer or wick dipper. Wick dippers are the best tool, as it will prime the wick for the next time you re-light.

Always burn your candle on a flat surface, away from pets, children, flammable objects and out of a draught. Do not leave unattended and read the warning label prior to use.

Soy Melts

Soy melts are for use in a tea light melter or electric melter. They are used in place of water and fragrance oil.

Read the warning label prior to use.

Reed Diffusers

Turn around the reed sticks weekly for the best results. Do not let the liquid get into contact with sod furnishings or plastics. It can bubble or blister. 

Car Diffusers 

Invert weekly. Do not let the liquid come into contact with your car interior. Do not leave in hot cars. Do not over tighten the cap. Do not leave in the sun. Hang in a upright position only.