About us

Saltwater Lifestyle started 2013.  We wanted a product that was free from toxic chemicals, formaldehyde, paraffin and one that used cotton wicks, hence why Saltwater Lifestyle was born.

Our products are inspired by the ocean and her inhabitants. We wanted to produce a coastal inspired fragrance that created a feel that we were on a balmy tropical holiday all year round.

We are so blessed to call the South West of WA our home. We are a stones throw from the worlds best beaches, which constantly inpires our work. All of our products are hand poured, hand labelled and gift boxed personally. We are a boutique candle business, we do not mass produce and each order is prepared individually.

At SWL we are avid animal lovers, we are the home to over 50 rescued animals. We lead a vegan lifestyle and it is also really important to us that our products do not contain animal products or participate in any animal testing. We are proud to say, our products are Vegan!

We also consider our carbon foot print when making our candles. We reuse any packaging when possible and any other recyclable waste that can not be used in our packaging is taken to the correct facilities. We encourage you to re-use your empty candle vessel or reed diffuser bottle. The candle jars can be washed with warm soapy water and reused around the home. We also offer a refilling service to minimise landfill. If you do not wish to re-use your jars, please wash and recycle accordingly, as too the melts packaging. 

Thank you for coming on the Saltwater journey with us and supporting our small business!

We hope you enjoy your coastal inspired fragrance as much as we enjoyed making it.


Peace and Love x